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AJ Burnett has put a spell on Brian Cashman

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$82.5 million buys a lot of art

I love magicians, but I don’t really believe in magic. Yeah it’s great when we see a woman sawed in half, but I know she’s not really being separated in two. However, A.J. Burnett may be a true wizard because he has convinced Brian Cashman (Yankees GM) that he deserves to stay in the starting rotation. Cashman was confronted today by reporters about Burnett’s woes this season. Here’s a few delusional lines from Cashman, “”We’ve got six guys who are capable of pitching in a rotation in a pennant race,” Cashman said. “But this stuff about [whether] A.J. Burnett is worthy of being ripped from the rotation is a bunch of crap.”  “Break it down. Compare him to other people. Look at his start-by-start. Look at his run support.” Is Cashman serious? AJ is getting 7 runs per game on average in support. He hasn’t won a game in August in his three years with the Yankees. He’s also 91st in the league with a 4.60 ERA. We have 6 pennant race pitchers? Have you seen Phil Hughes pitch lately too? Cash, you may have been responsible for his bloated contract, but at least take responsibility for it and speak intelligently about his poor performance.

  1. Vig
    August 13, 2011 at 10:52 am

    As Cashman prepares for his transition into the media (contract up this season), he’s gotten noticeably cocky huh? Like “F you. I’m a millionaire now and don’t care if you bring me back. I can go work for ESPN” kinda stuff. Little bit Tiki Barber-ish, gotta say.

  1. August 15, 2011 at 12:35 am

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