Joe Girardi gets a reprieve due to Freddy Garcia’s finger

August 15, 2011 Leave a comment

Today was to be the day that Big Triple Girardi had planned to cut down his starting staff from 6 to 5. According to Fitz and Vig, that time was overdue, but it looks like Big Trip Skip will get another week to make his decision. Freddy Garcia has a minor, very minor, cut on his right index finger but it’s enough for him to miss his start. Good news for guys like CC Sabathia so he can maintain his pace for 300 wins (CC300), bad news for Yankees fans because we need to sit through another A.J. Burnett start (prediction, 6 innings, 4 runs). In my eyes The Chief (Garcia) is our #3 starter behind CC300 and Ivan Nova so I don’t like him missing an easy victory over the Kansas City Royals. I’ll await your decision in a few days, Girardi.


Yankees washed out

August 14, 2011 Leave a comment

Yankees are rained out tonight, blogspacers.  No makeup date announced.  FitzandVig will catch you tomorrow in KC… first pitch 8:10pm.  Burnett vs. Paulino.  Advantage?  Paulino is 1-8 but has an ERA well south of AJ.  Gotta love Kansas City!

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Brett Favre wants even more money

August 14, 2011 2 comments

Over Brett’s never ending career he earned a ton of dough. Last year alone he brought in about $20 million from the Vikings alone for his 13 starts and 5-8 record. His $4 million per win is more than even Barry Zito makes per victory. Even in retirement, Favre is still finding ways to pull in the bread. His office website is selling all sorts of autographed memorabilia from Favre’s long, very long, career. Take a look here. Some of it is on quite the discount too. The “A night to remember” autographed photo is 80% off and I guess a somewhat reasonable, $44.99. From the looks of all the other ads on his website, I can see why Bretty (Big Triple Girardi nod) has no financial reason to return again this year.

Betting on NFL Win totals: NFC edition

August 14, 2011 3 comments

The NFL is the most watched sport in this country for a few reasons. It helps that each team only plays once a week so their is a ton of anticipation for each game. Since it has the shortest season of all the major sports, each matchup is key to a team’s ultimate success. It also is a high paced sport that draws the American desire for bigger, stronger, faster athletes. However, the main reason that every NFL game is watched so intently is because of gambling. Betting on teams is easy between friends, legal in Las Vegas, and a multi-billion dollar industry. Fitz and Vig don’t mind wagering a few bucks from time to time and the NFC team by team win totals were recently released. AFC picks coming soon. Here’s Fitz’s picks: Read more…

Quick thoughts from last night’s Giants game

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Don’t expect a detailed summary of the NY Giants and Carolina Panthers first preseason game. Like any normal person, I couldn’t sit through the whole game. I caught a good number of snaps from the mid first quarter through early third and here’s what I noticed: 1) The Giants offense is in trouble. Eli Manning looked average at best. Nothing great. I saw a third and one where we went to Brandon Jacobs for a power left play. End result, 4th and 1. We need to convert that third down 100% of the time. Our WR’s also looked bad. I can’t remember the names of each player but I saw a handful of drops. Now how dumb do we look for missing out on Plaxico Burress, not signing Jerricho Cotchery, and letting Steve Smith walk? We need to pick up a quality hands guy. Read more…

Non breaking news: This Chrysler commercial is badass

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Fitz and Vig are late to this party, sure.  But damn, this Chrysler commercial is two minutes of blood stirring, energy inducing, USA chanting awesomeness.  A campaign that successfully positions a 100 year old mega-corporation as the little guy, while painting Eminem as the all American hero is not only ad-agency genius, but also fantastically absurd… and we dig it blogspacers!  By the way, did you see the Audi ripoff?  Lawsuit recently settled.  WTF?

Jorge Posada’s 9 Tampa Bay Triple A’s 2

August 14, 2011 Leave a comment

The New York Baseball Yankees defeated the Tampa Bay Who-Are-These-Guys on Saturday afternoon in the Bronx behind a strong start from Phil “Don’t Demote Me” Hughes and Jorge “You Already Demoted Me” Posada.  Hughes tossed 6 innings of 4-hit 2-run ball, and Posada turned back the clock (to high school) by going 3-5 including a grand slam (10th homer) and 6 ribbies.  Grandyman offered up his 33rd bomb of the season as well, as the Good Guys got back on track versus a Tampa lineup that can best be described as Scranton-like.  Wade and Noesi continued their non-Red-Sox dominance to close out the final three innings.  Yeah fellas, Fitz and Vig noticed.

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